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Heidi's handmade cards are well-known and highly appreciated presents in Dubai and Belgium since a while. Now we present you a selection of these designs to inspire you to get your very individual and unique Heidicard. Remember, none of these cards will be the same as every one of them is specially designed and handcrafted for your pleasure.

If you wish to order HeidiCards, we will consult you and propose you possible variations and designs.
Every card order takes from 2 to 7 days to be completed and the pricing depends on the design.

Please click on the pictures for a larger display and description.
Thank You Card No 1
This is Thank You Card No 1. It uses a photograph in passepartout.
This is the Easter card No. 224. It can describe the card in an extended text.
Birthday Card No 10
This is Birthday Card No 10. Amazing applications and colors.
Engagement Card No 5
This is Engagement Card No 5. Made in November 2008 for Vero's & Adrian's engagement.
Christmas No 16
This is Christmas Card No 16 painted with glitter and chrome foil.
Handmade by Heidi Steen